segunda-feira, 1 de junho de 2009

Good Night Sweets.

Deary, i'll tuck you in and sing you some lullaby, you'll fall asleep real quick.
Today was fun, i've never had such happiness strike me right in the heart. Your smiles and laughter, you soft hands and your pretty ideas to change the world. I fell in love with every word. Lying in the grass, staring into your pretty green eyes and wondering what goes on in that pretty little head. A good life, you'll give me one.

Don't worry, We'll recharge our batteries tonight and play more tomorrow. Our Sunday mornings are immortal, a love that will last forever. You'll sit on the couch and curl up knitting scarves and hats for our winter days, and i'll sit by the fire reading the book I just bought hearing the tv over the pages. You've never looked so cute in your little dress pretending you aren't shivering in the cold, and i'll sit by you.

Don't worry doll we're almost done. Tomorrow we can go to the beach and you can carve drawings with sticks in the sand, and I can admire all that you do without noticing. I won't complain about all the mascara you use, in fact I think it makes you even prettier but honestly regardless of what you do you'll maintain your impressisionistic beauty. It doesn't matter, you'll take off my hard armour, tell me everythings alright and it's safe to go outside and play.

And then you'll just give me the simplest kiss, and i'll be off.

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