sábado, 20 de junho de 2009

ICS Situation Summary

Lunar lights linger lifting slowly standard weights.
Curtains call mavericks moving more than the theoretical speed suggested.
Strange stations staging counters against agile airplanes in the sky.
Is it all coincidence? Or is there more to this chaos sorrounded setting i've been placed in? Could I be the only once who sees things this way, or are there more? Do I have company or are the sounds I hear at night only creatures of my imagination and past who constantly torture me and call me out to play one-player bohemian games?

Lazy lads lay by blue stained skies overly oblivious to the tremors trembling throughout town.
Black silver slaying soft skin, innocents initiating in intrusion, death devouring.
Addicted adolescents adoring all the truths tedeously told to them.
Why can't anyone hear? I bang and scream against the glass and they don't even glance, or at least think about turning their heads to the side, maybe if they did that they would avoid what is about to hit them. Am I naturally destined to an eternity of loneliness and desperation such as this? If so I should have just considered ending my life before this mission began, when I was still lost and not so caught up in strange responsibilities given to me.

Bland bellies being meticulously pressured, pursuit of pleasure.
Legs lifted slowly spitting screams being blared by blunt forces freeing fruits.
Laughs lighting cigarettes caressing craniums, sore skins soften slaughter.
To have loved her was to have felt pain like no other, the very reason for my absence.
The very reason for my want to leave the land in the first place, had my heart never felt pain of the sort the dancing demons in my soul would have never taken advantage of my weakness to douse my arteries in gasoline and strike a match, they would have never had the pleasure of vandalizing my core had I never met such a brute force that would leave me weaker than I have ever been in my life. Pain would have just been a word and life would have gone on instead of standing still, in limbo as it now is. The hurt is unberable to no end.

Waves wander whistling by being: careful, correct, contradicting.
Suspicious sounds settle.
Intelligent inland island system set.
No longer will I connect with the outside world, no longer will I be bothered by needless sounds and settings and feelings. If my very reason to live here is dead, then I have no reason to stay around hoping that will be reversed. I will go to space, transmit signals in the hopes that maybe someone such as myself will find them, and send me back a hello, or a simple smile. I transmit signals to study the love in the modern age, in hopes that someone out there still believes in the old one. For in the land I left, love is lifeless.

Transmission Over.

-Cosmonaut 7072-23

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