sábado, 27 de junho de 2009

The Drug Addict (stories from beyond the trampo)

Theres a drug addict from where i'm standing. He's looking into the open space needlessly as if god himself will appear and talk to him about divine intervention. He's oblivious to everything. The people who pass by and stare at him, the annoying background music being sung by a lady who has no voice and obviously lacks lyrical ability of any sort.

He'll only distract himself with 2 minute trips to the bathroom to snort some cocaine. It's funny the things people do in public restaurant bathrooms. It's mean but still, it's hard not to laugh at such a situation. The addict has an addicted wife, she's 15. She does the same thing when she comes here with them, they are just like eachother. Who says opposites attract?
Love, it comes in all shapes I guess. I don't envy them, and don't envy the drugged up violent sex they have, it must suck.

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