sábado, 27 de junho de 2009

Coma rants.

Sex, drugs, rock, roll, sickness, booze, cigarettes, strip clubs, trumpets, fear of change, too much change, strange effects, xtc, thc, 123, 151, shots, laughter, chains, whips, gouging, gagging, moaning, groaning, coughing, vomiting, eyes, open, close, regret, and a teenage girl wrapping her fingers and deepthroating her 22 year old cousins cock while he watches the football game.

Controversy, politics, war, peace, blindness, unrest, bombs, gunshots, cries, screams, card games, insanity, music, jeeps, tanks, bullets, Soldier holds gun to a female civilian pleading in a dark corner, unbuckling belt.

My generation has an option for every person, it's cool and forgives. I'll lead a politically incorrect life for the fuck of it, cautionless and careless to the words I lay down where ever they may rest. But they'll somehow make the ones who pick them up very restless. For in the end:
God knows I hate bubble gum wrappers.

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