domingo, 29 de novembro de 2009

Daydreams A Little More

Can't find any good lyrics to go along with what I feel for you baby.
Might as well write it all out and speak of my daydreams, like I usually do.
And i'm a little sleepy, so pardon if it gets a little confusing.

I can see our home, tiny downtown apartments always seemed like the best.
With tiny little frames hanging in the walls with no pictures that belong to us because we bought them with the intention of taking pictures but got lazy, so we got strangers pictures for advertising on our walls. It's alright though, never minded that anyways. But thats besides the point, coming home from a long day of whatever I've been doing and you'll be laying up against the couch with a bored smile stamping your pretty face in a big Gym Class shirt we bought when I took you to the show and some odd puffy bunny slippers, flipping through channels or watching reality TV.

And i'll swing by over the couch to give you an upside-down kiss, maybe my headphones will dangle and tickle your face but that's alright it won't last long. Be floating over to the kitchen to do what I enjoy doing in there, getting a little lazy and playing with the magnets on the fridge doors you bought on a trip to the indie stores around the city. I might get myself a beer and lay against the wall looking outside to the kids playing in the streets, thinking about how much I hate my boss and wanna get a break already, but it's alright. You might come by to give me a kiss, i'd like that even if it happened everyday.

We'll have dinner and maybe i'll take you out to a movie, maybe we'll go anywhere you want or we can stay home laying on the couch cuddling watching shitty late night TV, i'll get bored and start tickling you but never letting you get away from my hold, I won't handle how cute I think you are and give you a kiss on the back of your neck, tell you I love you. Cuz I really do.

And on weekends when I ain't got nothing to do we can wake up really late and do some laundry, i'll make you breakfast and you can sleep a little more, we can go hang out with the friends or we can take the subway anywhere you think seems fitting or anywhere I think will make your heart melt. And like I've always said we can come home and eat Chinese food in the living room, I'll get you all the Disney movies in the world so we can watch. We'll be like an old couple but I wouldn't mind that at all baby, at all.

It's just, how I see my life after I kidnap you cutie.

quinta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2009


Say our lives are roads.
Well I walk along my road with my head down hoodie up, listening to whatever beats are captured by my ears. Why? Good question.
Let's just say tonight my iPod ran out of batteries and I looked up and saw the roads length.

Strength in numbers kid, with that you'll go far.
And I realize my Rome won't be built in 1 day.
It's against myself that I wage war.
And I shouldn't have it any other way.

Wish I could kiss your smile baby.
Wish we could chill out right now man.
Wish we could play with disney character hoodies love.

Funny how everything in our lives is just the reflection the universe sees on the mirror.

segunda-feira, 23 de novembro de 2009

Thems Short Words

I'll be swept away by the blades of grass beneath by back as I watch the clouds go by.
And it'll be nice, maybe even peaceful. But there'll always be the problem: that you wouldn't be there. I'll go binge daydreaming and lick salty water on my cheeks, not cuz i'm sad or sleepy.
I'm just getting lazy thinking about you.
I have something to do right now, but I can't remember what.
Still a little dazed from kissing you in my mind.

The couches and beds just seem lonely without you in them. That's all.

And in my mind there'll no longer be a thousand things running, funny how when it's on overload it works better than when it's just filled with simple thoughts by your side. I think it's just that, when i'm calm the world moves slower. I'm sent deep into the streams and go around with the fishes, touch the scales and envy how easily they can go from one place to another. Birds would just kill me with jealousy. Free-will doesn't mean anything when your feet have to stay on the ground.

But when you're on my mind, they are closer to the sky than they have ever been. I'm gonna need some parachutes.

segunda-feira, 16 de novembro de 2009


Couldn't give you a better gift for the month, I promise i'll get something better than this next month:

Baby I must admit, I miss you so it hurts.
Wish I were around for your ups and your downs.
Kiss your smiles and your frowns.
And if you were ever to cry, if for a sad motive or your strange scary movies.
I'd like to be there to wipe the tears from your face and kiss your nose.
Wanna be there for when you're being cute, hug you.
Sweetheart you're my muse.

Every line I write or draw I dedicate to you.
When I wake up my plans have you in them.
When I stop talking to you, I lay down and think about all the things I could have said, and didn't.
I think after that how much easier it would be if I could just be right in front of you.
I wouldn't say much, but you'd know how I feel, always.
I'd like to know how to start or end these things I say.
But I honestly can't, it just comes to mind and I wish you were here.

I really do, more than anything.
Or actually, I wish I were there.
I don't mind hiding under your bed.

That's all.

sexta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2009

These Three Words

Pardon my lazy eyes, they are recovering from my shattered bones.
Pardon my dragged talk, it comes from the lungs that once held back.

I miss you deary, i'd like to say it doesn't bother me but it does.
Every minute of every hour of every day, I feel a burning need.
You couldn't figure out what the tone of my voice would be at this precise moment, writing things has that one particular drawback. But I can say it isn't joking like it usually is, it's sincere. I'm not too good with imagery, but I can say this is one of those moments where I wish I could hug you.
Allow me to rant, please.
I do it every night, I don't know how you don't get tired but I can't help it.

Excuse my compliments to you, it's just that you have no idea just how much you mean to me.
The overall time you came in into my life, and all these other things I can't find words to explain.
I don't want the I Love You to seem repetitive to you, to anyone else it can seem, but not you.
I say it a lot, I know this. But I can't help it, it explodes inside me everyday.
Now I know how fireworks engineers feel minutes before the new years.
If ever you feel as though I've slowed down, or no longer feel excitement.
Don't ever worry about these things. I've got big plans for us.
It's a difficult situation for me, taking away the training wheels from this bike.
But your words comfort me, they really do.
They repeat in my mind, from the second I wake up.

In the end, that's why I can't stop saying those three words. Because you're helping me get through the days. I love you.

terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2009

So Much To Say, So Little Lines

I come with the spring, just after the snows done falling.
I got a handful of words I plan but forget, this i'll eventually regret.
None of you will mind, its sweet of you but I still wish I could remember it.
I have them for a girl, I have them for my friends.
When I have to say it to myself I do so with success.
But I like waiting for you to come, and you are never around when the words arrive.
It's an unfortunate timing issue. But these words would make you smile so big.
I'm sure of it.

Regardless to my friends, ah.
You are the very air I breathe.
Far away the lungs get foggy and heavy.
You've redefined home, family, and everything in between.
It should be noted that I disregard every thought I've ever had about wanting to be alone.
Without you in my mind i'd have nothing to look forward to in the past couple of years.
God knows it's been tough but i'm a trooper.
And all in all, dealing with a heart break in my defense was very difficult alone.
But I don't complain.
Give me quarters, give me fridge raids, give me late night monopoly.
And i'll be fine, swear.

As for you, I've told you before i'm yet to say all I can about you.
Three words said every night, even if for all the nights that are still to come.
Won't ever be enough for me, i'll crave more, always.
You've gotten me to rethink and see the smaller things again.
You aren't just the girl I love, theres so much more to it.
Everything I want and more, way more.
Drawing the most cliché things from me, but I can't help it, it's just the truth.
And I don't want you just hanging around my dreams.
I want more than that, I want you by my side.
If not everyday, at least whenever possible.
I'll do anything I can for you, just remember that.

For you all, there just aren't enough words.

sábado, 7 de novembro de 2009

A Pier

My best friends, they are far away islands I once was close to, sitting on my dingy in the middle of the ocean. Rowing to visit each one, I strayed from course and landed in the middle of the ocean, in a place with a pier popping out of the calm waves with a fishing rod on it's wooden boards.
I placed myself on it's edge and cast my skinny long legs out All Star tips nearly kissing the salty water. I stayed a while, staring at the reflection catching every detail the waves tried to undulate.
I thought long and hard about the times when my feet could step on sand and rock. I thought long and hard about the times when I saw myself a little clearer. And decided that wasn't any less blurry than the images the waves sent me.

A storm had passed, and I found myself a little bored.
So I walked over to the other side and picked up the fishing rod.

I sat back down, same position as I had sat for so many days and nights before this instance. Goosebumps and fears aside I cast the reel in to the farthest depths of the mirror-like water.
There I sat fishing lost for angels in the ocean, the opposite direction one would think.
At times I caught some boots, and it made me wonder if any others were here before me, and wondered if any of them found what they were looking for. Other times I caught fish, but they weren't big enough in my opinion, so I sent them back into the ocean in the hopes that they would grow and eventually someone else like me would show up and reel them in.
I sat for a long time, a long time indeed. In the end I feel a tug and a pull and well, clumsy as I am fell into the ocean.

For all I know, i'm still in it.
But something tells me it pulls and tugs me in the right direction.

Away from the pier, back to the islands.

sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2009

Just Enough

Two kids were laying on the bed, not that young, but not too old.

I says to you, lady. As we lay here in the darkness of your room staring into open space. Are you staring at the corner of your window with the stars in the sky like me? Or has our kiss immobilized you to such a point where you have no thoughts? I'll give you one to put in your head, in that case. I wanna get the fuck out of this dead-end town. I want to give you right this minute a half hour to pack up your things and we'll leave. If you think i'm just thinking out loud, you are wrong.

Two kids were driving to California in a beat up Chevy, tank full of gas and big city hopes.


Little Raindrop was born on the month of March, at a rainy morning.
His daddy was a healthy man born in the late night thunderstorm.
His ma was a Sunday morning shower, who contented herself on giving couples excuses to not leave the house and just stay in together.
They had met on the ground, as his dad was going down through the gutter in the middle of the crowd on a Boston street he had noticed Raindrops ma sitting there pretty on a cars window. He didn't muster up the courage to go do anything, so she had to be the one to fall down on the ground and come to his lovestruck aide.

I don't need to go on with this part, because this is Raindrops story, not theirs.

Little Raindrop was always an adventurous fellow, he would spend his days going about the entire city block from streets to sewers to any other place where water was welcomed. His fragility didn't bother him one bit, for he feared not the things that could kill him, but the things that blocked his life's roads. The lack of progress was Raindrops main fear at a young age, until he met Bubble. By this point in his life he would never be the same.

The story of Raindrop and Bubble, is as cliché as any other, but thats how it always happens.
He was sitting out on front a convenience store, it had been a rainy April afternoon. And across from him there was an old woman washing her clothes the old fashioned way. He was impressed at her fury towards the clothes as if she were discounting her problems on those poor unaware pieces of cotton fabric that just wanted to serve their purpose without any domestic violence.
With all her fury, bubbles started forming, and one rebelled. Her name was Bubble, and she had been born from an abusive relationship between an old woman and some pieces of fabric. Though Raindrop'll tell you she never enjoyed discussing her past.

Now as far as the rest of the story goes, nothing special happens. At least not to you, reader. Mainly because, despite the odds of such a thing happening, it doesn't stop this from not being Hollywood. Raindrop doesn't fuck up (he loves her too much to do so). Bubble doesn't get her heart broken, doesn't break his heart. They just stay together, enjoying each others company, meeting under the rainbows in the Spring showers. There are no villains who attempt to break them apart, there are no bored souls trying to take advantage of Bubble when she is saddened by a fight with Raindrop, and the same goes for him. Then again there are no fights, they have yet to find a reason to be that way.

This is just how it goes. You can't blame me for them having struck gold.
If anything, shame on you for expecting so much from water based things.

quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2009

Another Rant

Allow me to talk a little more, about, well, anything.
It's kinda funny, ironic, and slightly romantic in a sense how we are currently living. Me in the land where the sun shines but does little other than burn for my mood, experiencing a little loneliness day by day in the morning when I wake up and realize i'm yet to catch you laying next to me sleeping brandishing that pretty face of yours. It's a little saddening, but it's so pleasing.
It sounds silly, I can imagine you over the stove making some sort of food you want to surprise me with. Me popping my head over your shoulder to take a peek, hands on your hips.
Although you probably won't let me see until it's done.

And I keep on asking myself what had I been doing before we met? I can barely remember right now, my mind gets clouded. I fear these words might start sounding the same. But I can't help it!
I try to please you, and put a smile on your face. And i'm confident I've been doing so. Feeling that, is the greatest accomplishment next to seeing you right now.

I'll shorten now, Too many things to say and I need to control myself so I don't say them all and spoil the surprise.

terça-feira, 3 de novembro de 2009

The Morning Thoughts

Today I woke up and realized that:
No ones next to me.
You can't wait for others to solve your life.
Only those you love really matter.
My life isn't as bad as it seems.
I smoke too many cigarettes.
I'm in love.

Today I woke up and realized that:
You make my dreams seem real.
I think about you even when it seems incapable of having thoughts.
I love your smile.
You make me the happiest strange boy in the world.
I can't help but fast forward to 3 months from now.
I enjoy your company more than I enjoy cocoa crisps.

Today I woke up and realized that:
You are my friends.
I miss your mac&cheese.
I miss your strange tales.
I appreciate the years we've known eachother.
I don't know how you got a blue fender.
I don't know how time managed to pass by so quickly.

Today I woke up and realized that:
I want to be your best friend when you get older.
You are confused, and it's sad.
You are a hypocrite and have no place to give me advice.
You are a person I respect, and feel bad for.
I fear having you know who I am, so I won't.
You are all driving me insane.