sexta-feira, 9 de julho de 2010

A Lacking Thank You Note

I wanna write you something but I can't figure out what.
A thank you note, or something. Anything to make you smile.
I keep thinking about the things we did together.
I keep thinking how much fun we have with each other and how I never want it to end.
I want to remind you every day that your makeup is irrelevant to how beautiful you really are.
I want you to know that at the end of every night even if you're in pajamas you're still the best looking girl in the night.

When you go to bed I want you to at least pretend that I just whispered a good night in your ear and gave you a kiss on your head.
When you wake up I want you to hear my good morning and feel special for the rest of the day.
And when you're scared, I want you to remember that i'll always be here. Even if i'm not.
I want you to remember the kids birthday party we went to, and playing catch.
I want you to remember the puzzles and the smart-ass comments and the mall.
And I want you to never forget how awkward we dance but how much fun we have doing it.

Soon i'll be there, and you won't have to be anxious anymore
And i'll bring with me tiffany's and kitten rugs and blank sofas and markers.
We're getting us a car so we can go to drive-ins and see weird things and go on vacations.
I don't really care where we go or who we see, as long as I make you as happy as you make me.
You're my family, and my best friend, and anything you want to be.
And I love you, unconditionally.

Where you are, the musics better.
Colors are vivid, moving pictures are more exciting.
Sand is thinner, and I don't owe anyone a greeting.
The grass is greener, and i'm never scared.
And i'll wake up right next to you every day.

All I know is that your love does me no pain.
Where you are the sun is always shining and i'll be there soon.
Até por que, i'm really tired of the rain.