sexta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2010

Cafés In Paris

I've stepped into strange places in my life, in even stranger times.
And I've come to tell you that you're the only sign of life on a desert.
And i'm the sand keeping you warm during it's cold nights.
I'm the canvas to a painting, and you're the color.
I might go as far as saying you're the most important thing in my life.

You make me worry and fear about things I've never given thought to before
And for some reason I don't think thats bad.
I want to sleep with you, and wake up next to you.
I want to hold you tight until you toss and turn in bed out of my reach.
But i'll always wake up because my arms will miss you.

I'll watch the most uninteresting movies and listen to the most obnoxious music.
And i'll do it just for you, even if I make fun of it, I like pleasing you.
As cliché as it seems I love your smile.
I love your laughter and I love the strange high pitched noises you make when you're lazy
And I love the way you look at me when you get jealous or when I say I love those things.

But my most comforting love for you, the one that puts a smile on my face
Is when you look at me when you realize how much you love me.
It makes life worth living. You make life worth living.
The little things we do, the talks we have about life and the quiet moments too.
All the care and time and patience we've put into this, that makes life worth living.

I haven't written too much, but now I write a lot.
Even having so much to say I can never find the right adjectives.
I've spent all of them on trying to impress you when we first met.
But in my daydreams I don't need words, I just need images.
And those are always easier for me, it's just who I am.

I imagine us in strange settings, In cafés in Paris even though I hate France.
And it's raining, no, it's pouring out. And you're as beautiful as ever.
We're having coffee and we put our elbows on the table and our hands on our faces
And stare at each other like the cheesiest couple ever seen, others follow.
We lean over to kiss, we always do, and my daydream ends.

It's obnoxious how, things always abruptly end my daydreams.
I always have something to do, something I can't put off for a couple more minutes.
My daydreams though, they're humble.
Things like painting the walls of our apartment, or you begging me to take out the trash.
Things like you coming home tired and in need of attention and care.

I daydream of things with relatively no importance to most people.
Like sitting on the floor and drawing random things together.
And you could ask me for help, and I could ask you for help.
We could lay down on erasers and pencils and things like that.
And I could show you the stars I painted on our ceiling to surprise you today.

In my distance from you I've come to realize that couples close to each other
They just don't realize how lucky they are to have simple things like that.
They don't realize how nice it is to spend a weekend watching movies in the dark
Cuddling and wondering what the other is thinking.
They take for granted the simple things in life, things you made me remember the existence of.

I admit I spend my days listening to cheesy songs, they remind me of you.
I miss you, some days more than others. Some days way more. This is one of them.
I admit you encourage me to be more ambitious and have more knowledge.
The more I do the more we have to talk about at the end of the day.
I just wish I could always say everything I need to, to you, so I don't feel bad in the morning.

Just because, I always have more to say, and more smiles to put on your face. I love you.

terça-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2010

Just A Literary Mess

I wanna run away.
Want you to come along.
I want things that sometimes, not even I know why I want them.
I want beaches and big cities.
Want you in them.

I don't quite know if I want any more innocence.
Without having any, we have enough.
I want to go on parades with you.
Want guys to stop trying or i'll punch them.
Nah, I don't care.

I wanna be able to write you something, something real nice.
Something that will make you think "dang, this boy really loves me."
But I can't think of anything. I think during the time together I tell you everything I want.
And have nothing left to surprise you with.
It frustrates the shit out of me.

Maybe I can't write out picturesque imagery of the daydreams we'll live out or the things I wanna do with you or what plans I have for the rest of our lives.
But I can promise it at least, and give you something to look forward to.
I'm a little hostile i'll admit, but not towards you, just everyone else.
It's just a little hard not being a little annoyed by the majority, that's all baby.

And I know this is a mess, not organized writing at all.
I wish this could be a little neater, so you could follow and get it and enjoy it.
But it really isn't, it's just random thoughts being thrown in there.
I blame my creativity, it isn't around as much.
To which I blame my settings, boring as they are.

You seem to make it all better though, for some reason.