segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2009


When the kids are sleeping, when the foxes have gone into their holes and the drunks have stumbled back to bed, I want you to come with. Enjoy the time we have to spare and let's be the only ones to keep the moon and the stars company. Put on your prettiest threads and don't forget your 3D glasses, tonight we'll stay up for the orange San Fran sunrise from a different view.

I can't tell you what we're doing tonight, all I can say is tomorrow we'll wake up with sand between our feet. I know it isn't an aniversary or any special event, I just think we should do this. After this i'll outdo myself once again, and keep on doing it until we draw last breaths. We can leave the rest of our weeks to worry about getting late to work or missing classes, I don't want you to worry tonight.

If you are to decline, then i'll have no choice but to still take you regardless. You could argue that I am yet to grow up, and I may decline and say I am yet to lose my sense of humanity. And that could get you angry, but I win you over easily. I could tell you the real reason why i'm doing this, but that would make you sad. And tonight, I don't want that. Ask me tomorrow, i'll tell you tomorrow. But not tonight, please.

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