domingo, 29 de novembro de 2009

Daydreams A Little More

Can't find any good lyrics to go along with what I feel for you baby.
Might as well write it all out and speak of my daydreams, like I usually do.
And i'm a little sleepy, so pardon if it gets a little confusing.

I can see our home, tiny downtown apartments always seemed like the best.
With tiny little frames hanging in the walls with no pictures that belong to us because we bought them with the intention of taking pictures but got lazy, so we got strangers pictures for advertising on our walls. It's alright though, never minded that anyways. But thats besides the point, coming home from a long day of whatever I've been doing and you'll be laying up against the couch with a bored smile stamping your pretty face in a big Gym Class shirt we bought when I took you to the show and some odd puffy bunny slippers, flipping through channels or watching reality TV.

And i'll swing by over the couch to give you an upside-down kiss, maybe my headphones will dangle and tickle your face but that's alright it won't last long. Be floating over to the kitchen to do what I enjoy doing in there, getting a little lazy and playing with the magnets on the fridge doors you bought on a trip to the indie stores around the city. I might get myself a beer and lay against the wall looking outside to the kids playing in the streets, thinking about how much I hate my boss and wanna get a break already, but it's alright. You might come by to give me a kiss, i'd like that even if it happened everyday.

We'll have dinner and maybe i'll take you out to a movie, maybe we'll go anywhere you want or we can stay home laying on the couch cuddling watching shitty late night TV, i'll get bored and start tickling you but never letting you get away from my hold, I won't handle how cute I think you are and give you a kiss on the back of your neck, tell you I love you. Cuz I really do.

And on weekends when I ain't got nothing to do we can wake up really late and do some laundry, i'll make you breakfast and you can sleep a little more, we can go hang out with the friends or we can take the subway anywhere you think seems fitting or anywhere I think will make your heart melt. And like I've always said we can come home and eat Chinese food in the living room, I'll get you all the Disney movies in the world so we can watch. We'll be like an old couple but I wouldn't mind that at all baby, at all.

It's just, how I see my life after I kidnap you cutie.

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A1 disse...

you in love, or you potraying the ultimate love ? either way its bliss!! that is one lucky preson to have you!!

highlight: upside kiss, with the headphones cord touching your partners skin...damn i love that line!!

peace out :)