terça-feira, 3 de novembro de 2009

The Morning Thoughts

Today I woke up and realized that:
No ones next to me.
You can't wait for others to solve your life.
Only those you love really matter.
My life isn't as bad as it seems.
I smoke too many cigarettes.
I'm in love.

Today I woke up and realized that:
You make my dreams seem real.
I think about you even when it seems incapable of having thoughts.
I love your smile.
You make me the happiest strange boy in the world.
I can't help but fast forward to 3 months from now.
I enjoy your company more than I enjoy cocoa crisps.

Today I woke up and realized that:
You are my friends.
I miss your mac&cheese.
I miss your strange tales.
I appreciate the years we've known eachother.
I don't know how you got a blue fender.
I don't know how time managed to pass by so quickly.

Today I woke up and realized that:
I want to be your best friend when you get older.
You are confused, and it's sad.
You are a hypocrite and have no place to give me advice.
You are a person I respect, and feel bad for.
I fear having you know who I am, so I won't.
You are all driving me insane.

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