sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2009


Little Raindrop was born on the month of March, at a rainy morning.
His daddy was a healthy man born in the late night thunderstorm.
His ma was a Sunday morning shower, who contented herself on giving couples excuses to not leave the house and just stay in together.
They had met on the ground, as his dad was going down through the gutter in the middle of the crowd on a Boston street he had noticed Raindrops ma sitting there pretty on a cars window. He didn't muster up the courage to go do anything, so she had to be the one to fall down on the ground and come to his lovestruck aide.

I don't need to go on with this part, because this is Raindrops story, not theirs.

Little Raindrop was always an adventurous fellow, he would spend his days going about the entire city block from streets to sewers to any other place where water was welcomed. His fragility didn't bother him one bit, for he feared not the things that could kill him, but the things that blocked his life's roads. The lack of progress was Raindrops main fear at a young age, until he met Bubble. By this point in his life he would never be the same.

The story of Raindrop and Bubble, is as cliché as any other, but thats how it always happens.
He was sitting out on front a convenience store, it had been a rainy April afternoon. And across from him there was an old woman washing her clothes the old fashioned way. He was impressed at her fury towards the clothes as if she were discounting her problems on those poor unaware pieces of cotton fabric that just wanted to serve their purpose without any domestic violence.
With all her fury, bubbles started forming, and one rebelled. Her name was Bubble, and she had been born from an abusive relationship between an old woman and some pieces of fabric. Though Raindrop'll tell you she never enjoyed discussing her past.

Now as far as the rest of the story goes, nothing special happens. At least not to you, reader. Mainly because, despite the odds of such a thing happening, it doesn't stop this from not being Hollywood. Raindrop doesn't fuck up (he loves her too much to do so). Bubble doesn't get her heart broken, doesn't break his heart. They just stay together, enjoying each others company, meeting under the rainbows in the Spring showers. There are no villains who attempt to break them apart, there are no bored souls trying to take advantage of Bubble when she is saddened by a fight with Raindrop, and the same goes for him. Then again there are no fights, they have yet to find a reason to be that way.

This is just how it goes. You can't blame me for them having struck gold.
If anything, shame on you for expecting so much from water based things.

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