quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2009

Another Rant

Allow me to talk a little more, about, well, anything.
It's kinda funny, ironic, and slightly romantic in a sense how we are currently living. Me in the land where the sun shines but does little other than burn for my mood, experiencing a little loneliness day by day in the morning when I wake up and realize i'm yet to catch you laying next to me sleeping brandishing that pretty face of yours. It's a little saddening, but it's so pleasing.
It sounds silly, I can imagine you over the stove making some sort of food you want to surprise me with. Me popping my head over your shoulder to take a peek, hands on your hips.
Although you probably won't let me see until it's done.

And I keep on asking myself what had I been doing before we met? I can barely remember right now, my mind gets clouded. I fear these words might start sounding the same. But I can't help it!
I try to please you, and put a smile on your face. And i'm confident I've been doing so. Feeling that, is the greatest accomplishment next to seeing you right now.

I'll shorten now, Too many things to say and I need to control myself so I don't say them all and spoil the surprise.

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