segunda-feira, 23 de novembro de 2009

Thems Short Words

I'll be swept away by the blades of grass beneath by back as I watch the clouds go by.
And it'll be nice, maybe even peaceful. But there'll always be the problem: that you wouldn't be there. I'll go binge daydreaming and lick salty water on my cheeks, not cuz i'm sad or sleepy.
I'm just getting lazy thinking about you.
I have something to do right now, but I can't remember what.
Still a little dazed from kissing you in my mind.

The couches and beds just seem lonely without you in them. That's all.

And in my mind there'll no longer be a thousand things running, funny how when it's on overload it works better than when it's just filled with simple thoughts by your side. I think it's just that, when i'm calm the world moves slower. I'm sent deep into the streams and go around with the fishes, touch the scales and envy how easily they can go from one place to another. Birds would just kill me with jealousy. Free-will doesn't mean anything when your feet have to stay on the ground.

But when you're on my mind, they are closer to the sky than they have ever been. I'm gonna need some parachutes.

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