terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2009

So Much To Say, So Little Lines

I come with the spring, just after the snows done falling.
I got a handful of words I plan but forget, this i'll eventually regret.
None of you will mind, its sweet of you but I still wish I could remember it.
I have them for a girl, I have them for my friends.
When I have to say it to myself I do so with success.
But I like waiting for you to come, and you are never around when the words arrive.
It's an unfortunate timing issue. But these words would make you smile so big.
I'm sure of it.

Regardless to my friends, ah.
You are the very air I breathe.
Far away the lungs get foggy and heavy.
You've redefined home, family, and everything in between.
It should be noted that I disregard every thought I've ever had about wanting to be alone.
Without you in my mind i'd have nothing to look forward to in the past couple of years.
God knows it's been tough but i'm a trooper.
And all in all, dealing with a heart break in my defense was very difficult alone.
But I don't complain.
Give me quarters, give me fridge raids, give me late night monopoly.
And i'll be fine, swear.

As for you, I've told you before i'm yet to say all I can about you.
Three words said every night, even if for all the nights that are still to come.
Won't ever be enough for me, i'll crave more, always.
You've gotten me to rethink and see the smaller things again.
You aren't just the girl I love, theres so much more to it.
Everything I want and more, way more.
Drawing the most cliché things from me, but I can't help it, it's just the truth.
And I don't want you just hanging around my dreams.
I want more than that, I want you by my side.
If not everyday, at least whenever possible.
I'll do anything I can for you, just remember that.

For you all, there just aren't enough words.

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