quarta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2009

Afternoon Verses

My only regret was, is, and always will be
That I can't be there in the afternoons to hold you
Till you fall asleep.

Breakfast in the morning keeps on being lonely still, a recurring theme in my stream of thoughts.
A big city kid hoodie (always) up in these outskirts of towns, don't know how I got here, don't know when the bottle stopped being in my hand. It's alright anyways I don't mind, the weathers too uncomfortable to be holding cold glasses at this time of night.

Sometimes I rhyme, sometimes I don't.
Sometimes i'll try, other times I won't.
What do you think?

And in the end it's like I said, my life's on standby and it ain't starting till i'm by your side babe.
The thunderstorms at night as constant as they may call me up to play lately, just don't seem any fun without you around. I have the patience, we have the time. Still a little hard though not being able to simplify.
What I feel is just a little too strong now to put it in words.

It's okay babe,
I'll hold hands, I don't mind.
As long as that gets me a kiss under the stars at night.

All the notes in the world couldn't speak for me, the colors much less they just warn.
And these words well, these words don't come close and never will. Should give up on trying to make them show you how I feel. But it makes you smile, so i'll keep at it. If I have to hold my head up and grin at tornado coming towards me I will, might get whiplash but it's worth it.
Just hope it throws me far and far away, by your side, even if for just one day.

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A1 disse...

you met her?
and your dream , and it is a blissful dream, did not conspire to the reality of your writing?
and that is a hard blow, but i've been there, keep holding on, to the dream, and devour every memory,
cause every memory will become apart of you :)
hey i will be seeing Mars Volta in January..thought you would like to know :)