quinta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2009

The Daydream That Counts Words

'Till I see you i'll daydream, i'll daydream about the days we'll spend together.
My heart will race, my insides will freeze up. Time will stop, and i'll walk away from myself for a second to observe it.
Possibly, i'll get nervous and ahead of myself. And in that situation, say things that will go beyond what I want to say, that might make you smile, that might make me comfortable.
No one will watch us, because they'll be paying attention to other things in their world. But i'll always feel like they do. And i'll shy away, turn into a wave, come back and maybe kiss you.
I'll hunt for your smiles, I don't need to but i'll try extra hard to be one of the greatest things that happened in your life. I'll surrender to every single desire you may have, I might give in and fall for you.

I'll beg for the winters to come by quick, so I can have a good excuse for us to stay in.
I'll admit to summer as being times we do spectacular things together, and spring and fall will fit into our schedules somehow, we'll try.
But in the end year round the fact is, you just get better.
On rainy days i'll spend my time trying to find good words to sway you.
And we can save the sunny days for doing laundry.
Because our inside jokes just never cease to put a smile on me.

Overall without trying to put weight on your shoulders i'll put down my heavy shields for a second and say you are the best reason for getting up in the morning i've had in many years.
When I get by with a little help from my friends and feel at 99%, you come by and add one more.
I still get the feeling that you make me think anything is possible no matter how insane it seems. And I enjoy that, I enjoy that the most. Or it's tied, possibly tied with other things I completely adore about you and who you are. I'll bring you into my little world, because of all this, and i'll spill out more of these silly sounding words.

And despite the past 392 words, I can't bring myself to say 3 more without you being around.

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