quinta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2009

A Midnight Poem, That Chooses Not To Rhyme

I want to wake up in the mornings and realize my marriage wasn't a farce.
I want to love my children and my job.
I want my society to have more love, less hate.
I want to be like the guy next to me
But I want him to not be oblivious to all around him.

I want the sun to come out when it's best for me
And I want the skies to cloud when I stay up all night
I want to smile a little more, at the world I see
I want to smell fresh cut grass, even when i'm smoking.
And I want you to see me, like I see you.

I want the skies to turn pink every time we are together.
I want a time when we're together to come soon.
I want to be able to fast-forward not just my watch,
But the time around me along with it when I do.
I want to make you smile more often, and those kinds of things.

I want to take a day, to spin around the middle of nothing.
With thoughts that mirror the landscape.
I want to write beautiful things that play with the words
I want to sing songs that will forever ring in your ears
I want to paint things that will be your sight for years.

But in the end, all I really want is to be me
No strings attached I want to be real and keep at it till I can't
I want to spin you around along with me, everyone.
I want to take the time to write a little more about me
Without having to worry what people think, or why they do so.

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