segunda-feira, 12 de outubro de 2009


Thank you friends, for keeping this light on.
Despite my coming and going so frequently and being unpredictable, you have stood by me for interesting moments. Needless to say i've discovered rain.
And if in the end, the people on the streets are still scared of me or think differently of who I am without knowing me, thats okay.
I think in the end what we most need is to rediscover the beauty in life, that exists without our knowledge. A special eye for these massive events that seem ever so... Tiny.

For most of my life, i've seen myself as a wind. That comes without warning of any type and enters the homes to put out all the candles. By the time you light them all, there I am standing over you with a joking smile and candy. I'll leave the same way, and hope it doesn't upset you.
I'll write for all of you, i'll draw for you all. When you get down, i'll shove you in a rocket to the moon. When you feel sad, i'll knock you over into the sea so you can hide the tears. Hug me if need be, rant to me if you wish.

I'll do my best to revolutionize, but make no promises.

Friends new or old, strange or normal, etc. I will love you all the same.
In my absence, remember this please. Even with my poetry weakened by the rain, and my words senseless, I will try my best to help.

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