quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2009


Very little rests, i've been slaughtered roaming the empty streets and have seen little of those who have commited this said crime, leaving me with a small choice of words to choose from.
You see, the feelings that have come over me still reflect as waves that drown me. I can't even taste the salt anymore. My thoughts are empty and i've seen little outside since coming in here. The windows get foggy in the cold weather and I feel no motivation to clear them up. Even with the hopes that outside there'll be a friendly face waving hello.

A weakness that deepens the despair, little of which I know of, it's a fairly recent feeling.
Not that those around my wavelengths don't care, they could possibly. But over the years the last thing i'll remember are their valiant efforts to put a smile on my face. They'll be forgotten by a force bigger than myself that will re-blend their faces in the crowd, like grains of sand in a desert. Teeny tiny i've been stepped on, but don't complain.

I'd dance by myself but theres no music, just alot of sleep to be done. And I calmly walk along the shore, wondering why after all these years i'm back here. There isn't much here for me, is there? No bigger forces trying to teach me anything, soft work and low expectations. They'll wonder what happened to my dreams, the same I wonder all nights and days. But no one warned me of such an episode taking place in my rocky life.

In the end, I wreck my mind.

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