domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009

Rants Sequel

Can't write much, can't think.
My bodys a little weak, I just woke up, it happens.
Can't tell you if it's normal or not but lets not talk about it.
I'll never understand what you see in this country, the people in it freak me out a little.
But it helps that if it were anywhere else, I wouldn't see you.
And we're even, because i'll never understand why I want to put all the people that have passed by my life in a suitcase, and take them anywhere I go.

And i'd take you too, if it were alright with you.
To a place sorrounded by beaches, an island if you will.
Where every corner feels like home, it only rains when it's best for us.
The comics stores sell all our favorite chocolates.
Preferably a place with no centipedes.

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