sábado, 3 de outubro de 2009

Grant St. Summers

You shy away, quiet down away from me.
I hit you up with a smile and pass the ball, uneffected by the sorrow.
The situation becomes more difficult, tension resides in the room that once harbored summer.
With a dead silence and birds on the outside peeking in to see the future of this.
We collide.

The cloud of sadness squirms away unfortunate about the smiles overtaking us
Lips moving closer as we hear the cardiac drum beats of our chests
The moment that once halted our systems
Now lets out jets of blood through the veins
Young, and restless.

It's been ten years since 1999 dear, and I still tilt my hat before leaving off to work with headphones shielding me from the world outside of our nest. Summer or not theres a hoodie always covering these tired shoulders, let it be winter soon, I want a valid excuse to stay home more often these days. Still feeling bad about not being able to join you in bed at the same time, i'm always later with these projects of mine, juggling our life with much love in mind and pencil lines up and down turning into the sounds of spraying up and down the streets.

And these footsteps I follow, a little loose and confusing even to myself, will keep me following alongside with the... hold on. I rushed, jumped the gun. Let's start over.

We're made of patience, more you than me. I'm still in a soap box racer going down my old childhood street with no goggles trying to beat all the kids by any means necessary. And you're still at the end of the road daydreaming. It's been like this since I can remember, and I wouldn't have it any other way. We maintain an innocence once forgotten by me, with a loss of faith in the world we live, but your winter nights have changed all of this for me. And it ain't a thank you note, it's a memo. Something to remind you that i'm always here for you, regardless of the circumstances.

You'll find it weird, but it's the way I am.

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