sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2009

Just Enough

Two kids were laying on the bed, not that young, but not too old.

I says to you, lady. As we lay here in the darkness of your room staring into open space. Are you staring at the corner of your window with the stars in the sky like me? Or has our kiss immobilized you to such a point where you have no thoughts? I'll give you one to put in your head, in that case. I wanna get the fuck out of this dead-end town. I want to give you right this minute a half hour to pack up your things and we'll leave. If you think i'm just thinking out loud, you are wrong.

Two kids were driving to California in a beat up Chevy, tank full of gas and big city hopes.

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Menos disse...

the grass was greener, the hopes were higher.