quinta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2009


Say our lives are roads.
Well I walk along my road with my head down hoodie up, listening to whatever beats are captured by my ears. Why? Good question.
Let's just say tonight my iPod ran out of batteries and I looked up and saw the roads length.

Strength in numbers kid, with that you'll go far.
And I realize my Rome won't be built in 1 day.
It's against myself that I wage war.
And I shouldn't have it any other way.

Wish I could kiss your smile baby.
Wish we could chill out right now man.
Wish we could play with disney character hoodies love.

Funny how everything in our lives is just the reflection the universe sees on the mirror.

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A1 disse...

you continue to inspire me in your writing
thanks for your comment
hope you visit again :)