domingo, 17 de maio de 2009

Tear Ducts

You blew away the pollen with your allergic sneezing. Your glasses nearly fell off from all the trouble. Your sister let you borrow her car, after a long drive to the beach we had a couple of cigarettes and pulled up the covers because it was quite cold even with the car heater on.
At times we fight because of your drinking but I could never let you find out I actually don't mind dear.

I still remember last year when I got sick and you took care of me, even skipped work to do it. I told you I felt horrible that you had to go through all the trouble just to take care of me and you leaned over with a cup of soup, a malicious smile and said "It just isn't winter without a cold, love."

I love you so much I don't think you understand. From the way the autumn winds make your dress dance to the various things and sacrifices we've agreed to make for eachother. I love you trully. And you wont take this seriously, you'll say i'm being silly and odd. But it's the truth. I am here for you always, dear.

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BumbleBecky disse...

Ohhhh I really would like to use this for my anonymous love letters...
May I please?