sexta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2009

A Little Rusty

They said in the future all my references will be islands covered with moments in time.
I'll turn a page, remember a time and forget where I am.
Turn another to notice just how quick time goes by, or how slow.
I don't understand time, anymore at least.

I had a dream where I stood next to you in the snow by a bridge on a river and told you that less is more. All I said after that was I Love You and nothing else.
And you looked perplexed, maybe joyous even. This was no normal three words, at least not like usual. This wasn't joking, this wasn't with a smile. This was a confirmation, that you're the only one who really matters.
I was wearing a long black coat with shirts and band shirts under it, some rough jeans and a pair of sneakers otherwise unfit for snow. You wore something equally as comfortable.
It upset me slightly that the sun wasn't out, but that wasn't what I focused on.
You turned and gave me a hug, and never let go. I was slightly confused, it's been a while since I've given in to these things. I guess i'm a little rusty.
And maybe it'll take a while before I really realize that there's no one like you, but i'm beginning to get an idea.

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