terça-feira, 4 de agosto de 2009

Letter to A Friend

Hello there Patrick, my dear Irish friend.
I write to you reminding that the season of the vermillion flowers is upon us in this part of the country. The romantics you so dearly hate have returned, with the same attitude of kissing eachother and loving that we both laughed at so whole-heartedly. Ah yes friend, without you things are slightly more difficult to enjoy, but that is the same situation with all the friends that have come and gone due to different destinies than mine. With that I say: It's okay, you are free to go so long as our friendship remains in your heart and mind.

The lady of the convenience store has passed away, I almost miss the hate she harbored for me, to this day I do not understand it considering i've done nothing to her. But some things are inexplicable. In case you wonder, me and Janet are no longer together. We ended what we had, if we had anything to begin with. I don't miss her the slightest, but I worry she misses me. Not to play the arrogant part, but it is just who I am. I dislike hurting people, even if they attempt to harm me. Perhaps I should stop worrying and return to my old ways. Let us just hope all this negativity goes away and I may return to a more relaxed state.

I could blame this on the valentines. But I won't.

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