segunda-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2010

Dusty Old Payphones

To my Dear,

Call your mom, tell her I love her daughter and intend to marry her.
I won't be able to give her the world, but i'll sure try.
Tell your dad i'll take good care of his little girl, and his shoulders will be free of one girls tears now,
And tell him his woman can now return to being the most beautiful one in his world.
Cos you're mine.

Start buying barbies now baby, coz we're having a girl. I've told you all about her already. She'll have your hair and your eyes and your smile. She'll have my patience and the same kindness I have with those who aren't you.
Call the realtors of your choice and pick where ever you want for us to spend the rest of our lives together babe, while you do that i'll call the world from a dusty old payphone and tell them there's a girl out there that it should know about.

Because she's the love of my life.

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A1 disse...

Where is this person who writes so naturally and has the heart of a universe for the luckiest girl alive...get back writing mister!