sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2010

Another Cigarette and Another Daydream

I love the way your eyes shine.
And the smile your lips make
Even when they're dry.
I love the way the lights flash after dark.
And how you lay your head on my chest when we lay down to look at the stars.
I love the way your hair tickles my nose.
We've been floating about with no recollection of the past.
I love the way saying I love you feels.

I can't believe the fun I have with you.
Even when we're far. But it's okay.
I've been happy, encouraging children to jump into puddles.
Encouraged to live a little more, care a little less.
I love the way we worry about the details.
At night it gets quiet, and we get a little closer.
Always trying your best to make me happy.
I love the way you always do.

From over the hill I see the distant lightposts.
I love the way they go in rows down lonely streets.
But lonely isn't so anymore, now that you're around.
I love the way everything seems more alive now.
Another cigarette and another daydream.
I love the way you get me thinking without words.
We keep it simple and plain without much effort.
I love how you're worried right now thinkin i'm sad when i'm happy.

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