sábado, 25 de abril de 2009

Hello Again

Bright Tennessee girl pregnant at 19, got a wedding ring as red as the Marbs she smokes.
Eye beaten black, arms more bruised than a boxer Goddamn! You got the wrong end of the deal!
The eery feeling you are getting in your bones is provided by your discovery that even the devil watches television, pays bills, eats pills, and plays with sex toys. Can love save you from this situation little one?
It doesn't particularly bother me in any way that you have your knot tied with the devil, makes it easier for me to sell my soul on one or two reasonable occasions.
Just a little hard to talk to him when he's chugging on whisky and pumping cocaine through his nose.
I walk along the same road, would end up meeting him someday. See myself in a beaten black jacket chugging a bottle of tequila all my way down to hell.

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