domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

Anonymous Death Report

Grace was a girl I met in high school.
Long blonde hair and beady green eyes.
A somewhat enviable chest, if I were a girl i'd probably go about pointing that out.
Very correct, thats how I would describe her.
We maintained our friendship right up until this moment, I don't consider friendships with the dead. Nothing against them I just don't want them around me, might make life more uncomfortable than it already is that way.
Grace died of a cocaine overdose, the ambulance driver (his name was Adam in case you might be wondering) found her on a pile of empty beer and whisky bottles bleeding out the nose, by then Grace was bloating. Adam said the stench was so foul that he began to vomit, without realizing it he vomited on graces chest, it's quite rude I assume but considering i'm not Grace I can't answer for her now can I?
Upon autopsy (most annoying moment considering her mom kept crying through the whole damn thing) they found that due to her being shoeless during the time of death some rats managed to fancy her toes, which could be considered disgusting but that sounds like paradise if comparing to when they told us that due to the fact that she had no underwear some fruit flies decided to make a nest by her genitals (which by then were foul considering she had been left in this basement for over a week).
Pardon my giving details but I am a very detailed person when it comes to death, personally I care so little for the process that it's like explaining the weather really. You see, Grace wasn't always into parties and drugs. When I met her she was rather shy actually, didn't talk to many people. Her story is rather cliché, i'd rather not bore you with the details. If you want to know her life watch some typical Hollywood High School teen flick from the 90s.

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