sábado, 21 de fevereiro de 2009

KindNappers #1

Darling Joana,
I believe you remember me, but I am not all too sure.We had class together in 3rd grade, I was the boy who smelled funny (you know, the one you always made fun of).
I think you'll be glad in hearing I do not smell anymore. After several years, and showers. I have begun to smell like a new man. I remember you would get all the kids together to pick on me, and hit me some times. It was all good innocent fun.
Well I suppose I should give the motive for this letter, and stop being so nostalgic!Joana, I have your husband in the back of my van. He is fine, in case you were wondering. Although the ropes make him a tad uncomfortable from what I see. I wouldn't mind releasing his hands and feet if only he kept still and didn't try to run away while i write you this.
I do hope you don't mind coming out tonight to the park say around, midnight? And if you could be so kind as to please bring £15,000 with you that would be Fantastic. Well I will finish here because me and, Fred is his name? Yes, Fred. We are going on a little ride around town, I have fantastic places for him to visit. Unfortunately if you do not show up I must give him a closer view of the bridge outside town.

Hope you are well, Bruno.

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