sábado, 21 de fevereiro de 2009

Anonymous Love Letter #3

Hi there _____, I personally didn't know how to start this off so i'll just go about it my own way.I miss you, Jeff says you are mighty fine but I spose it's my way of being with all this worry.Now I have spent my 35 years selling fireworks to younger american generations. They all remind me so much of us, when we were in our youth. I know I shouldn't mention it, I know you have that same heart I broke so long ago. But we know me, I just can't keep this mouth of mine shut. Always goin' off about wanting the world to change, peace and all that. I just don't have that way with words anymore, I spose.

I quit drinkin, thought you might want to know that. Doc says I was pretty darn close to getting myself killed with that. Now I haven't gotten myself into any churches, no ma'am i'm still that sorrounded by my own common sense.

I traveled pretty far corners, saw my fair share of interesting things. I saw the meat loving Gaúchos rounding up some cattle in the south. I saw the quiet and mysterious (but kind) folk of the green lands. I saw the sharp eyed curious Japanese man with his fascinating traditions. Even saw myself a tribe of able-bodied aboriginals in the Australian lands. Trying to avoid the fact that during those 15 years all I ever really wanted to see was your smile again. No need in running that far from the problem, it'll be around the corner every minute.

Looking back now, I never got to the things I really wanted. Could have at least made myself a kid to make this nomad life a little less miserable. I'm sorry, miserable isn't the word I want to use in describing my life, I harbor no regrets in it aside from the obvious. Just ain't easy lookin' out for my lonely self 365 days a year.. God knows i'm a rough definition of trouble. Then again he also knows that in 1935 no man as old or strong hearted as me should be crying over lifes spilt milk. But I miss the old days, I do. I don't feel safe much in these new times.Now that I look back at it I should have gone with you to more parties in the 20s. You weren't like those deadly french girls storming the continent, You were just you. With your big round eyes, pointy little chin. Memories aren't my thing, but if I told you I still remember your face you'd believe me right?

Anyways I thought about the end of this letter as much as I thought about the start, and just as I couldn't find a start I can't find the end to this letter.Believe me, I've been lookin' for it everywhere. Maybe my heart just beats slower than it used to. Anyways. I hope you know who this is ______, because I still remember the girl who danced with me in the New York rain and didn't give a damn about her makeup being ruined. My heart is forever yours, _______

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