sexta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2009

Lemon Drops

We don't have permission to stay young at heart forever.
Crawling about the earth aimlessly looking for true love.
Finding life easier than it sounded.
How dare we say you can live life having fun.
It defies all laws of normal living, picking up the dry cleaning and coming home to that plastic wife of ours. We can't be happy until we watch our daily hour of Fox News and go on a date with our mate in a fancy restaurant to celebrate the aniversary... We see that secretary we have an affair with, or a girl we fell in love with in college but never believed in it.
We can't live for real until we're dead enough, because they have no idea of the world they are in until they experience every bad thing we have.
Life must be horrible in order to survive, because then you never get your hopes up.
We can't be allowed to drink afternoon tea, only coffee in the morning to keep up with those hectic work hours. The work we went to college for, only to find out we'd be kept in a cubicle on Saturday nights missing out on several friends birthday parties.
So fuck them.

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