sábado, 3 de janeiro de 2009

Anonymous Love Letter #2

Babe you know all i do is for this moment.
Pair of Nike shoes, Levi jeans, and a Versace coat.
Honey i'm telling you i'll never be about the money.
Keep on being independent and fine about myself. That's all we need.
I spent last months rent on sunglasses and I think we should move in somewhere together.
Still got the memories of teenage back when we used to take car rides to the beach and i'd tell you about how i'd always be the same and my politics wouldn't change.
Well I'm still that way, just a change of scenery and suit.
Still 'member your fishnets and our long nights, tons of cigarettes and alcohol.
Frightfully we watched movies about drug addicts and envied their courage when they snorted lines.
When we got back to being in our own heads we walked out the door and dined at McDonalds.
The boys called me out, said i was forgetting tonights gig.
The kids in the place were draped in flashy hipster swagger, from the messy hair on their heads to the Adidas on their feet.
I still say I can't face them because you aren't around.
And I still say i can't sleep comfortably at night without you around.
So there it is.


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