segunda-feira, 10 de março de 2008


My bodies shaking, Please take me to the nearest anywhere outside of this house. Just tell me I'm not wasting your time. Just tell me you love me if I'm not. We can get away from this place, I'm just tired of sitting here. Every one has fun but me, and i just don't think I'm ready for this kind of commitment to the modern world. I'll have fun in my own way. Just please let's get out of here. I'll show you the world and beyond, I'll show you the time of your life in less than a few hours. I promise to be the best thing that's happened in your life if you promise to be the best in mine. Just tell me everything will be fine and tell me the world is turning without dragging me by the neck. The time is 1:30 and i don't understand why I'm still lingering around here. But i can't help to sit here and watch you go along with them while i dream about the things we could be doing, and the world we could be getting away from. I'm too young to die this way. My friends bore me, and so does the life they hand me. And the life i hand myself. Every Friday night, nothing happens. The awkward car rides with the fake laughter that fills up in my lungs. The tapping of my foot to the music i wish i was listening to instead of hearing these people bicker about the stupidest things. I just want to be with you, Oh why did i come here? And why are these thoughts running through my head?

Take it slow, We can forget about the folks at home, they're too old to understand the liberalism of the young. But if our worlds don't coalesce with each other, then promise to never slow me down. Because i drag enough as it is and i don't need to see another pretty face on the ground. I try to get away but all i can say is that i need you today. We can take my jeep, and we can clap to our songs, and we can do anything. I promise not to control, and i promise the world to you. Just promise to me you'll end my days of sleeping by myself. This boredom kills me. Why can't a person dream? And why are we killing our selfs with these words of wisdom when i just wanna be young while this lasts? I remember having years of life left in my body. Just lemme finish this cigarette and we can hop in the cab and we can go away for a night. I don't wanna be by myself watching these city lights flashing through the raindrop covered windows. And i don't wanna spend another night wondering what could have been and what i should have done, i just want to be with you.

Let me forget the band for just one night, let me find myself for just one day. I'm under control, and i just wanna let go. The record deals and the Hollywood feel just makes me wanna steal back my loving soul. We were so young, and we had so much hope. But now we don't have anything. And i can just sit here playing my tunes, and singing my songs. But there's no point in any of this when I'm without you. There's no point in the money. There's no point in this musical flurry that has hit my mind. And i just wanna live like i used to. We can grab the 40's and I'll drop by the 7/11 to get a pack of cigarettes and some McDonald's will be our breakfast at the end of this hungover night. Just promise me that you'll be by my side when the end of my sleep arrives. Because it's been years since i found a pair of lips to kiss and I'm getting so tired of this happening. Let's stay by each others sides. You can carry the shield and I'll swing the sword. And we can sneak into movie theaters just to play the video games at the arcade. Maybe we won't get kicked out. Remind me of why i fight for love for just one night. Because i can't remember anymore.

We can walk by the streets and be the bad ass kids we've always been told not to be. We can kick over pieces of paper and shoot people in the back with our fingers. We can lie down on a hill where the sky is nice and the wind is still free. And you can smile and i can smile and we can kiss. Just remind me that we're still a couple of kids. Tell me that sadness and fear were just dreams and i spent these years asleep. Because that's all i wanna hear right now. Tell me i already got on the plane and came back. I just can't stand knowing the best year of my life has the worst end surrounded by tears. And all these Friday nights were spent in lonely solitude. Now i find those who complete me and the end is near? But not tonight, no i don't want to remember tonight as the last night. Just tell me every things alright. Because i don't know what else to do with my future. Much less what I've done in my past. Remind me that I'm in the present, and tell me for the love of god i still have my life ahead of me. Because it feels like it's already done. I want to be revived right now, I want to stand up and break through this steel door that suddenly decided to show up in my face. Let's go crazy and shoot at the world with candy cannons. Because i don't want to remember what war is. And i just want to know that there's love left in this world. Remind me of this night. And we'll forget our frights.

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