segunda-feira, 10 de março de 2008


And this is it.FUCK writing.Fuck listening.Fuck drawing.Fuck white men in blue suits. Fuck black men in red shirts. Fuck every ethnicity in between.Fuck getting used to this shit. Fuck moving on. Fuck you're opinion. Fuck what i think. Fuck her. Fuck him. Fuck the fucking life we live. Fuck the death we'll fucking go through.Fuck the laws of gravity. Fuck floating.Fuck getting a job. Fuck staying job-less. Fuck you. Fuck me.FUCK love. Fuck staying single. Fuck experiencing life. Fuck staying blind.Fuck ex girlfriends who leave you for addiction. Fuck alcoholics. Fuck drug addicts. Fuck being sober. Fuck being fucked up.Fuck straight-edge. Fuck puritans. Fuck fat fuckers who take the bitch you love.Fuck the bitch you love. Fuck having felt love. Fuck having never felt love.Fuck being angry. Fuck being calm. Fuck stress. Fuck peace. Fuck this fucking constant contradiction. Fuck making sense.Fuck being placed inside the problem. Fuck staying out of it.Fuck being understood. Fuck being misunderstood. Fuck loving. FUCK best friends. Fuck no friends. Fuck people in general. Fuck the world. Fuck the solar system. Fuck the universe. Fuck the black hole. And fuck the motherfucker who fucking said pluto isnt a fucking planet anymore. That fuck. FUCK music. Fuck being taste-less. Fuck fashion. Fuck being taste-less even more. Fuck art. Fuck having no mind. Fuck having A mind. Fuck teenagers. Fuck teenagers ways. Fuck denial. Fuck knowing whats going on. Fuck facing your fears. Fuck running away from them. FUCK teabagging. Fuck sex. Fuck doggystyle. Fuck 69. Fuck your girlfriend. Fuck your boyfriend. Fuck your kids. Fuck your kids friends. Fuck their parents. Fuck yourself.Fuck having something to say. Fuck having nothing to say. For the second fucking time? Fuck all these fucking contradiction. Fuck everyone saying the same shit. Fuck songs that sound like this fucking shit im writing. Fuck the people who wrote those songs. They're fucking idiots. FUCK stupid kids. Fuck ignorant pigs. Fuck tits. Fuck chicks. Fuck dicks. Fuck pricks. Fuck gifts. Fuck lifts. Fuck rhyming. Its a fucking waste of my fucking time. FUCK TIME. Fuck waiting. Fuck going. Fuck going for it while waiting. Fuck sense. Fuck senselessness. Fuck the word Fuck. Fuck knowing you can use this shitty word so many times. Fuck variations of this word. Fuck verbs. Fuck dictionaries. Fuck all this. Fuck stopping. Fuck going. Fuck stopping to go. Fuck stop and shop.FUCK corporations. Fuck activists. Fuck peace. Fuck war. Fuck for peace while your fucking genitals are at war. Fuck presidents. Fuck vice-presidents. Fuck tragedy. Fuck happyness. Fuck dance music. Fuck kids taking e. Fuck bouncers. Fuck legal ages. Fuck you trying to fucking say you completely understand when i say "fuck legal ages" You're a fucking ignorant little shit and you dont fucking know any shit. Much less the fucking shit that i say. So fuck you. FUCK corporate mascots. Fuck tony the tiger. Fuck naming fucking tigers. Fuck Ronald McFUCKINGdonald. Fuck clowns that are happy. Fuck clowns that are sad. Fuck the three little white kids from the rice krispies shit.Fuck cigarettes. Fuck addiction. And for the second time? Fuck being a puritan. FUCK religion. Fuck giving god head. Fuck buddy jesus. Fuck the devil. Fuck lucifer. Fuck being poked by a trident. Fuck mount olympus. Fuck humanity believing in this shit. FUCK humanity in general. Im fucking done. Fuck you trying to stop me. Fuck you telling me to go on. I'll go on when i fucking want to. Fuck you. Fuck me. Fuck saying the word FUCK so many times.

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